⚡️Wonder Cache

Wonder Cache is a dead-simple yet powerful caching plugin that brings superhuman strength and durability to your WordPress.


Wonder Cache is expertly designed for both WordPress single-site and multisite installations. Supercharge your entire network or individual site effortlessly—no complex settings or tedious tweaks necessary. And the best part? It’s completely free!


Wonder Cache stands out for its simplicity and seamless multisite compatibility. It’s ideal if you prefer a plug-and-play solution with no settings to configure. Particularly suited for multisite environments on shared hosting or where persistent object caching isn’t available, Wonder Cache offers an efficient, straightforward caching experience. Give it a try and notice the difference!

While Wonder Cache is a fork of Batcache and serves a similar purpose, there is a key difference. Batcache relies on a persistent object cache backend to function. In contrast, Wonder Cache is designed to use server disk space for caching. This makes it especially suitable for environments where persistent object caching is not available, offering a robust alternative.

The better choice depends on your hosting environment. If you’re running your website across multiple servers and can configure a Memcached pool, Batcache is the ideal choice due to its reliance on a persistent object cache backend. On the other hand, if you are operating on a single server or shared hosting with limited memory availability, Wonder Cache is recommended. It uses server disk space for caching, which is more suitable for such setups.

No, Wonder Cache is not the fastest solution available. If you have the capability to configure your server, consider using Varnish for superior performance. For those with server management skills, nginx micro caching or page caching (like Powered Cache, which supports Apache rewrite rules) are also excellent options. Remember, adding more complex tools to your setup comes with trade-offs, so choose based on your ability to manage and maintain these configurations

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