⚡️Wonder Cache 

Wonder Cache is a dead-simple yet powerful caching plugin that brings superhuman strength and durability to your WordPress.

Exclusively built for WordPress Multisite

Wonder Cache has particularly designed for WordPress multisite. You can supercharge your entire network without dealing with complex settings, and individual tweaks. Did we mention it’s completely free?


There are tons of caching plugins exists on the market, why I should use this?

Wonder Cache is one of simplest and compatible with multisite.
If you don’t want to deal with settings or running a multisite on shared hosting or where the persistent object caching is not available, give it a try.

Isn't it the same as Batcache?

Wonder Cache is a fork of Batcache that written for almost same purpose. The biggest difference between Batcache and Wonder Cache; Batcache depends on a persistent object cache backend.

Which one is better? Batcache or Wonder Cache?

Depends on the situation. If you are running your website on multiple servers and able to configure Memcached pool, go with Batcache.
Vice-versa, if you are running on a single server or shared hosting and don’t have much memory; use Wonder Cache.

Where the name comes from?


It comes from Wonder Woman.



Is it fastest caching solution?

Nope! If you are able to configure; go with varnish.
If you are good at the server, you can use nginx micro caching or page caching that supports apache rewrite. (e.g Powered Cache )
There is always vice/versa when you bring a new tool or adding complexity.

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