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Magic Login Pro

Passwordless authentication for WordPress


AI-Powered assistant for WordPress. Effortlessly Craft Unique Content, and Seamlessly Generate Captivating Images and Audio.
Illustration representing a disabled person engaging with digital content, highlighting inclusivity and ease of access.

WP Accessibility Toolkit

A collection of tools to help you make your website more accessible

PaddlePress Pro

Skip setting up a complex shopping cart system. Sell your digital products through Paddle with WordPress!

Easy Text-to-Speech

Turns your text into clear, natural-sounding speech.

Security.txt Manager - [Free]

This powerful yet user-friendly WordPress plugin enables you to create, edit, and manage your “security.txt” file directly from the WordPress dashboard

WP Total Branding - [Free]

WP Total Branding is a complete branding solution for your WordPress.

Simply Disable Comments - [Free]

This plugin simply removes the commenting feature on your WordPress.

Wonder Cache - [Free]

Wonder Cache is a dead-simple yet powerful caching plugin for WordPress multisite.