WP Total Branding

WP Total Branding is a complete branding solution for your WordPress.


Meet the features that are going to help you take full control of your WordPress branding and customizing

No Sitegenerator

Remove or change site generator

Customizable Login Page

Use your own custom login logo and modify target links and headline

Multisite Ready

Customize your entire network without extra hassle

Control Welcome Screen

Hide welcome screen on WordPress dashboard and manage dashboard widgets

Admin menu

Remove unwanted admin menu items easily.

Customizable Footer

Add your custom footer content to WordPress dashboard or your website.

Control REST API

Change the prefix for REST API or completely disable it.

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS to login page, admin dashboard or website.

Free Updates

It’s 💯  free and actively maintained. 




Is it work with multisite?

Absolutely! Enable the plugin by activating network-wide and visit Network Admin > Total Branding page

Can I upgrade?

We don’t have a pro version of this plugin, it’s completed free.

Can I contribute to code?

Yes! You can send PR or featured requests on GitHub.

How can I get support for this plugin?

Please use the community forum on WordPress.org