I’m thrilled to share the release of Easy Text-to-Speech version 2.0! This update is a big leap forward in making your website more accessible and engaging for all users. With new features and significant enhancements, this version is all about improving user experience and offering top-notch voice technology.

New Voice Options with OpenAI and ElevenLabs

The highlight of version 2.0 is the addition of support for OpenAI’s Text-to-Speech models. OpenAI is renowned for its innovative artificial intelligence technologies, and their TTS models bring incredibly lifelike and natural-sounding voices to your site. This means your content can be heard in a way that is more engaging than ever before.

I’ve also added support for ElevenLabs TTS, known for its clear and versatile voice synthesis. With OpenAI and ElevenLabs, you now have access to the best voice technologies in the market, making it easy to cater to diverse audience preferences.

Faster, Lighter, and More Secure

Here are a few more improvements we’ve made in version 2.0:

  • Removed AWS SDK: Removed the AWS SDK to lighten and speed up the plugin, which means faster load times and smoother operation.
  • Improved Option Autoloading: Enhanced autoloaded options are now in place to ensure better performance and efficiency.
  • Added Encryption for Sensitive Data: Keeping your data secure is always the top priority. With new encryption features, your sensitive information is safer than ever. (such API keys)
  • Dependency Updates and WordPress Compatibility: We’ve updated dependencies to ensure the plugin remains robust and compatible with the latest WordPress version, 6.5.2.

Ready to Improve Your Website?

Upgrading to Easy Text-to-Speech v2.0 is a great way to improve accessibility on your site and engage a wider audience. With the latest in voice technology from OpenAI and ElevenLabs, along with improvements in speed and security, version 2.0 is a significant upgrade that can help make your website a place everyone enjoys visiting.

Download the new version today and start offering a richer, more accessible browsing experience on your site. Let’s make the digital world more inclusive together!

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