Magic Login v1.9: Magic of AJAX and A New CLI Command

by | Jul 25, 2023

We are excited to roll out the latest and greatest version of our Magic Login and Magic Login PRO – Version 1.9. We’ve been hard at work on this latest iteration, implementing exciting new features and enhancements that we are eager to share.

Bringing the Magic of AJAX to Login Request Links

In the spirit of continually improving our user experience, we’re thrilled to introduce AJAX support for login request links in both the free and PRO versions of Magic Login. With this upgrade, your website’s performance will reach new heights of efficiency.

In order to use AJAX feature, you just need to activate the feature on settings page.

CLI Command for Tokens in Magic Login PRO

For our PRO users, we’re proud to introduce a new feature that streamlines token management like never before. In version 1.9, we’ve added a new CLI command to generate tokens and send them in a bulk fashion.

Whether you’re running a large organization or a small team, this new feature makes it easier than ever to manage your authentication tokens. With the ability to generate and send tokens in bulk via the command line, you can effortlessly secure your platform and enhance your operational efficiency.


wp magic-login bulk-create –format=table

Create login links and show in tabular format in CLI.

wp magic-login bulk-create –format=yaml –role=subscriber –send

Create magic login links for subscribers and send the login emails

wp magic-login create admin –count=2 –send

Also, existing “create” command now supports –send argument, which will send the latest generated link to the user.

You can learn more by simply running: `wp help magic-login bulk-create`

Elevating PHP Requirement to Version 7.2+

As part of our commitment to staying updated with the latest technology trends and security standards, Magic Login and Magic Login PRO now require PHP version 7.2 or higher. This update aligns with our ongoing efforts to ensure that our product offers the best possible performance and security for our users.

Before updating to Version 1.9, make sure your server supports PHP 7.2 or higher. This will help ensure a seamless transition and a continued smooth operation of Magic Login.

Wrapping Up

These new additions demonstrate our continued commitment to providing our users with the most efficient, user-friendly, and secure login experience. We always strive to stay at the forefront of technology and listen to our community’s needs and feedback.

We hope you find these updates as exciting as we do. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Magic Login and Magic Login PRO version 1.9 and are always here for any questions you might have.

Onward to more magical logins! 🙂


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