I’m happy to announce our new plugin, “Unagi” today. It’s a zero-config, zero-dependency plugin that allows to remove all notifications and show them under the “notifications” page.

Notifications screen – demo

I think admin_notices is the most abused WordPress hook, ever. WP devs (including myself) often misuse this action and adds a bunch of annoying notifications. In fact, sometimes it’s not even possible to see the dashboard at first glance.

So, I had a rough idea about the taking WP dashboard back from these notifications and made a plugin called, “unagi”.

How does it work?

It buffers all the output that hooked into admin_notices action and then displays it within a dedicated notification page. It does some parsing stuff under the hood but this is roughly how it works.

I had a second thought on this approach a bit after I sent it to WordPress.org review. Perhaps, it would be better to keep these notifications in the browser and show them on the notifications page.

Bright future with “WP Notify”

I think the notification project – https://make.wordpress.org/core/tag/feature-notifications/ will save us from this pain in the neck situation soon. (Huge props to everyone involved in that project.)

Unagi – “It’s not something you are , it’s something you have.”

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I hope you find it useful 🤞🏼 You can download it from https://wordpress.org/plugins/unagi/ or add it as a composer dependency.

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