Meet Handywriter

AI-Powered Writing Assistant for WordPress.

Write a blog post with a click

Click on the “write a post” button right after entering the title of your post. Handywriter will start writing the content for the given title.

Choose a compelling title

If you want to get an alternative title for your blog post, just click on the “suggest a title” button, and choose one of the generated titles. Handywriter will help you to find more interesting and engaging titles.

Summarize your post

Create summaries with one click and choose one of them to append at the end of your blog post.

Generate Meta Description to Boost your SEO

Click on “create meta descriptions” and choose the one of them that describes your post best. It will be copied to the clipboard so that you can paste it to your favorite SEO tool. 

Plagiarism Check

In order to make sure the originality of your content. Click on the “Plagiarism Check” button. It will show whether plagiarism is detected or not. 

If plagiarism is detected, it will show the percentage and highlight the piece of content found. So you can easily rewrite the necessary parts. 

Write More…

Select a piece of content or paragraph. And let Handywriter expand your content.

Built-in Proofreader

 Detect grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and even punctuation. And fix them easily. 


Content Templates

Get new blog ideas? Or maybe you want to create a description for your new youtube video…

Content templates will create the content you need the most, right away!

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