How does credit calculation work?

Credits are mostly calculated based on the content length.

Content Generation

1 Credit roughly can generate six words of content, and AI features work based on this formula.

Plagiarism Check

The plagiarism checker spends credits based on the content length.

Up to 200 words of content: 60 credits

Extra 100 words: 20 credits

For instance, if you are checking 450 words of content, it will cost 120 credits.

Subscription Plans

With these calculations, we aimed to provide roughly;

  • Starter: 10 blog posts/month
  • Pro: 25 blog posts/month
  • Business: 100 blog posts/month

Of course, there is no certainty, and it depends on how you want to use assistant features.

Cached Requests

The same input will generate the same results for a certain time period. Because we cache the request and serve it directly when you prompt with the same data. Therefore, we don’t spend credits on cached requests, they are free.

Why we do cache the requests?

Because we want to provide an excellent writing experience while you are using WordPress editor. While you are editing the content, back and forth, you might need to get the same results again. (eg: you accidentally close a suggestion pop-up or you see the title suggestions but decide to pick one of them later? etc…)

How to avoid cached responses?

You can’t control the caching at this time. But, you can slightly change your input to get a new result.