PaddlePress 1.2: Custom Redirects for A Better Follow

by | Jun 14, 2021

PaddlePress 1.2 has been released. In this release, we are happy to introduce custom redirections for certain events and brand new shortcode to providing access to parsed readme files.

Add redirections for certain events 

Paddle supports custom data-success attribution where acceptable (ref). Basically, it allows redirecting users to specified addresses once the event successfully occurred. We made these integrations easy with custom settings.

You can enter a target URL for when a subscription downgraded/upgraded, cancelled or payment method changed. The overlay checkout keeps the user on the same page by default and that behavior won’t be changed if you leave redirection URLs blank.

These types of redirects would be helpful to retain your customer’s membership and helps to provide a better follow. You might wanna add a fancy page for the plan upgrade/downgrade and explain the differences between subscriptions. Or you can convenience your customers to subscribe again on the cancellation page.

A New Shortcode: Easy access to Readme

If you are using PaddlePress Pro for selling premium plugins/themes this feature would be useful.

For example, let’s say you wanted to show the changelogs on the product page when you release a new version of your product. Something like:

[paddlepress_download_info download_tag="your-download-tag" beta="false" sections="changelog"]

will return the changelog section from readme file. Currently, it fetches this information from the latest version of the product and if you don’t provide a particular section, the entire sections will be returning.

Entire Changelog: (yep, we are using shortcode here too)


  • Tested with WP 5.8
  • Custom redirections added for subscription change, cancel or payment method update.
  • New Shortcode: [paddlepress_download_info...] for accessing parsed readme files of plugin/theme.
  • Small fixes and improvements
  • New hook: fire paddlepress_plan_changed once the subscription plan has changed.


  • Improvements on webhook request handling
  • Membership area improvements
  • Settings UI improvements
  • Added: Paddle Sandbox support
  • Added: Logging for webhook requests
  • Send emails in html format by default
  • Fix plan upgrade/downgrade API request
  • Fix: WP_Query global $post reset in metabox
  • Fix: Payment table ordering
  • Fix: Shortcode. Pass user_id and email to Paddle, for logged-in users.
  • Fix: Permission check for the auto-update API.


  • First release

Hope you like the new version! Cheers 🙂


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