I’m excited to announce the release of PaddlePress Pro version 2.3, packed with new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience. This update focuses on providing more control over account management and subscription options, along with several other enhancements and bug fixes. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new:

Account Details Tab on My Accounts Page

In my ongoing effort to make account management more intuitive and user-friendly, I’ve added a new Account Details tab to the My Accounts page. This tab consolidates all your account information in one place, making it easier for you to access and manage your details.

This new tab is heavily inspired by the WooCommerce’ account page and also measures password strength when customers want to update their passwords.

If you don’t want to show “Account details” you can simply hide it by passing hide="account-details" as shortcode attribute.

Restrict Customer Access to WP Admin

With new account details management directly from the frontend, there’s no reason for your customers to update their profile from the WordPress dashboard. Now, you have the option to control this behavior and restrict their access to the WordPress dashboard.

Customers can manage their accounts entirely from the frontend, ensuring a smoother experience. (This feature also removes WP Admin bar from the users who don’t have edit_posts capability)

Note: This feature is not enabled in this version, but be prepared, as it may become the default behavior in future releases.

Subscription Cancellation and Pause/Resume Options

I understand that flexibility is crucial for managing subscriptions. With this update, PaddlePress Pro has new options that allow customers to cancel or pause/resume their subscriptions.

For instance, you disable self service account cancellation feature for the customers and take them to a cancellation request form to gather more feedback about the cancellation. Learn more on our docs.

Note: Subscription Pause/Resume features only supported on Paddle Billing platform, not paddle classic.

New Hooks for Customizing Payment Actions

For developers looking to customize payment processes, PaddlePress Pro now has new paddlepress_my_account_before_payment_action and paddlepress_my_account_after_payment_action hooks. These hooks provide more flexibility and control, enabling developers to tailor payment actions to better suit their needs.

Under the Hood

Dependencies with Own Namespace

To improve code management and avoid conflicts, I’ve made changes to how dependencies are integrated with the plugin. These updates ensure better compatibility and maintainability of the code.

Bug Fixes and Updates

  • Added: New class attribute for the shortcode to customize the button.
  • Fixed: An issue where masked strings were not saving properly. This bug fix ensures that all masked data is correctly stored.
  • Updated: Dependencies.
  • Changed: Made the download taxonomy private.

This update marks a significant step forward in improving the user experience and providing more robust account and subscription management features. I’m committed to continually enhancing the plugin to make it easier to sell WordPress plugins and themes through Paddle, and I look forward to your feedback on these new features

Make sure to update to PaddlePress Pro version 2.3 to take advantage of all these improvements!

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