Thrilled to announce that Easy Text-to-Speech now has a free version available on the WordPress plugin repository! 🎉

What is Easy Text-to-Speech?

Easy Text-to-Speech is a powerful plugin that converts your website’s text into lifelike speech. It’s designed to enhance accessibility, improve user engagement, and add an extra layer of interactivity to your content.

Key Features of the Free Version

High-Quality Voices:

Uses Amazon Polly for natural-sounding speech, ensuring that your content is engaging and easy to listen to.

Multilingual Support

Supports multiple languages to cater to a global audience, making your website accessible to people from different linguistic backgrounds. You can see the available voices with Polly here.

Easy Integration

Simple setup and user-friendly interface. Generated audio files are saved in the media library, making it easy to manage your content. Works perfectly with both classic and block editors.

Customization Options

Adjust the voice, Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), AWS region, and more to tailor the speech output to your specific needs.

Multisite Support

You can use it safely on a multisite network, either activating it network-wide or on a per-site basis. It allows you to set roles for who can use TTS functionalities.

How to Get Started

  1. Download and activate the plugin –
  2. Enter Amazon Polly Credentials. You can follow step by step guide –
  3. Enjoy!

Free vs. Pro Version

While the free version of Easy Text-to-Speech supports Amazon Polly, the Pro version offers additional features, including support for OpenAI TTS and Elevenlabs. Upgrading to the Pro version unlocks even more advanced capabilities and voice options.

Upgrade to Easy Text-to-Speech Pro

Ready to take your text-to-speech capabilities to the next level? Upgrade to the Pro version of Easy Text-to-Speech and unlock advanced features including support for OpenAI TTS and Elevenlabs. Experience even more natural-sounding voices and enhanced customization options.

Don’t miss out on making your website even more engaging and accessible.

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