Magic Login 2.0: Brings Magic Links Everywhere

by | Nov 7, 2023

Embrace the enhanced convenience of Magic Links with the latest update to Magic Login 2.0 and Magic Login PRO. We’re excited to bring you these fresh features that are set to enrich your website’s user experience even further. Focusing on convenience and customization, this update builds on the strong foundation of Magic Login, simplifying the login process for your users and providing you with increased control over your site’s login dynamics.

The Magic of {{MAGIC_LINK}}

In the pursuit of making user access as frictionless as possible, we’ve rolled out an exciting feature: the {{MAGIC_LINK}} placeholder. Now, all outgoing emails delivered to a single user via the WordPress wp_mail function can include a personalized magic link. This means no more forgotten passwords or tedious reset processes—just one click, and your users are where they need to be.

It works similar to the Auto Login Links feature that we have introduced in version 1.6. It will give you more flexibility when you need to add a direct login link for your users.

Personalization at Its Best

We understand the importance of a personal touch, which is why we’re introducing additional placeholders to customize your emails even further. With {{FIRST_NAME}}, {{LAST_NAME}}, {{FULL_NAME}}, {{DISPLAY_NAME}}, and {{USER_EMAIL}}, you can ensure that each communication feels like it’s made just for the recipient, increasing engagement and trust.

Streamlined User Interface

The login form now features an ajax spinner, providing immediate visual feedback when users sign in. This small yet significant tweak improves the overall experience by reassuring users that their login request is being processed smoothly.

Under the Hood Improvements

We’ve also performed critical dependency updates, ensuring that Magic Login remains compatible with the latest web technologies and security standards. Meanwhile, minor adjustments to the settings form enhance usability, allowing site administrators to manage login settings with greater ease.

Magic Login 2.0 and Magic Login PRO are more than just updates—they’re transformative tools that redefine how users interact with your WordPress site. By streamlining the login process and adding a layer of personalization to user communications, we’re committed to making sure that your website stands out in a sea of digital experiences. Upgrade to the new Magic Login and watch your user engagement soar.


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