PaddlePress PRO 1.7 is out today! This release includes several new features and improvements, making it easier than ever to sell digital products through your WordPress website.

New email tag: Now you can include {{product_name}} for customization email content. Also, you can use paddlepress_email_tokens filter to email tokens.

Emails on the payments table: PaddlePress can generate a random username when the given email fails against “validate_username” function. In order to access the email address faster, it will now be listed on the payments table. (Payments table already supports filtering by email address) And now, it would make things a bit easier when finding respective payment records.

Deprecated JS has gone: Modernized our JS codebase a bit in this release. You should no longer see deprecation notices on console.log

That’s all for this release. I hope you like the enhancements and fixes.

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