Login Email Customization

You can customize your login email with Magic Login Pro. The login emails send in HTML format which gives you flexibility for customization.

You can also customize the message via supported placeholders;

{{SITEURL}} : Site URL
{{USERNAME}}: User name
{{FIRST_NAME}}: User first name
{{LAST_NAME}}: User last name
{{FULL_NAME}}: User full name
{{DISPLAY_NAME}}: User display name
{{USER_EMAIL}}: User email
{{SITENAME}}: Site Name
{{EXPIRES}}: Token TTL
{{MAGIC_LINK}}: Login link

Powered Cache uses text/html format for the outgoing emails by default, and it converts line breaks to <br> tag. You can adjust the email format programmatically via “magic_login_email_headers” filter.

If you want to customize the email content by adding some custom HTML elements, you will need to edit the content in “Text” mode.