WooCommerce Integration

Magic Login offers a streamlined checkout experience for WooCommerce by allowing users to log in without the need for a password. This enhances the user experience, especially for returning customers, by providing a quicker and more secure way to authenticate.

You just need to enable the built-in integration and choose whether the Magic Login form is shown before or after the standard WooCommerce login form.

Easy to Customize

By default, the form is hidden on the checkout page, similar to WooCommerce’s login form. If you need to customize this behavior, you can use the magic_login_hide_on_woocommerce_login_form filter.

And if you need further customizations for shortcode, you can use magic_login_shortcode_content_on_woocommerce_login_form filter to change shortcode content. Basically, you can customize with all options that shortcode provides.


add_filter( 'magic_login_shortcode_content_on_woocommerce_login_form', function () {
return '[magic_login_form info_message="Enter your email address and we will send you a link to log in"]';
} );

PS: This feature is added in version 2.1 and available to PRO users only.