Customer Dashboard (My Account) Page

PaddlePress automatically creates a “my-account” page at the first installation. However, you can use any page as the customer dashboard by using the shortcode. Just place


logged-in users will see their subscriptions or one-off purchases along with Downloadable items. Non-logged-in users will see a login form when trying to access that page.


Shortcode integration makes it possible to work with all WordPress sites and themes. However, you might need some custom CSS for better styling.

Login form:

#paddlepress_login_form input[type=text],
#paddlepress_login_form input[type=password]{

#paddlepress_login_form .login-submit input[type=submit]{

Accounts section:

We highly recommend using a full-width page template for the accounts page. Here are example customizations with custom CSS.

#paddlepress-my-account-tab-wrap {
.paddlepress-my-account-tab-content .ui-tabs-panel{

.paddlepress-my-account-tab-content .ui-tabs-panel .button{

Hide Purchases or Downloads tab?

You can hide “purchases” or “downloads” tab by passing `hide` attribute with the shortcode. (eg: hide=”downloads”) When you hide the tabs, it will just show the necessary information and removes tabbed view. Which gives you more flexibility if you want to customize the my accounts page further.