Release a New WordPress Product

It’s super easy to release a new version of your plugin or theme with PaddlePress Pro.

Step 1 – Create a new Download Post

Paste readme.txt to WP Editor in “Text” mode. PaddlePress Pro automatically parse this content and provide necessary information to API requests.

Download Tag: It’s a special taxonomy allows us the group releases. This way we can check the most recent download for a particular term. When it comes a WordPress product, consider “download tag” as the product slug and download posts as “releases”

Step 2 – Upload zip file

Set up the access level for this download item and upload the zip package.

** Make sure your uploads stored under “paddlepress-downloads” and it’s not publicly available. If you are using NGINX, you may want to read how to protect download files on NGINX.

** Version: It’s the version number when auto-updater compare the $new_version. Unlikely “stable_tag” information, it’s not parsed from readme files.

Step 3 – Download Tag (Optional)

If you are releasing a new product under the brand new download tag, you might want to configure plugin banners and icons.

(PaddlePress > Download Tags -> Edit a term

This information is saved as term meta and serves on API requests.

** Software Licensing has to be enabled to use download tags.