Updater Implementation for WordPress Plugins

Once you have setup your product in PaddlePress and configured the licensing options in membership plans now it’s time to implement the licensing and updater.

There are two components to the updater:

  1. Updater Class: Take a look updater class in our sample plugin. Don’t forget to rename namespace and include it with your plugin.
  2. Hook updater to “init” action: (take a look in our sample plugin)
// setup the updater
$updater = new PaddlePress\Sample\Plugin_Updater(
		'version'      => '0.1.0',    // current version number
		'license_key'  => $license_key, // license key (used get_option above to retrieve from DB)
		'license_url'  => home_url(),  // license domain
		'download_tag' => 'paddlepress-sample-plugin', // download tag slug
		'beta'         => false,

PS: Updater checks the license key for the registered domain. Depends on the implementation of the plugin settings page, you might want to send license activation requests on settings saving. Checkout API documentation for details..