How to Sell WordPress Products?

It’s quite straightforward to sell your premium WordPress plugins and themes through PaddlePress PRO. We will walk through step by step on this guide.


Self hosted WordPress site – (WordPress version 5.0+ and PHP 5.6+ is required)
Paddle Account – (If you don’t have an account you can apply on Paddle )
PaddlePress PRO – (assuming you already have, if not you can buy it from here)

1) Integrate your WordPress site to Paddle

Follow installation and configuration steps to connect your WordPress site to your Paddle account.

2) Setup Your Subscription Plans on Paddle

Visit Paddle > Catalog > Subscription Plans and then create your subscription plans for each licensing options.

3) Enable Software Licensing

Enable software licensing under WordPress dashboard > PaddlePress > Preferences . This will enable software licensing API and update server for providing auto-update functionality to your WordPress plugin or theme.

4) Create Membership

Membership is a custom post type that maintains the relation between content and paddle plan or product.

  1. Enter a membership plan title: It will be used internally to controlling download/content access.
  2. Choose membership type: Recurring for paddle plans, one-off means life-time access to your product.
  3. Paddle subscription plan: Assign multiple paddle subscription plans into a membership plan. (in case you want to create different plans for monthly subscription vs yearly subscription)
  4. (Optional) If you enabled self-service subscription upgrade/downgrade you need to map available plans in that section.
  5. License: enable licensing for this particular plan
  6. Enter domain count: (Enter “0” for unlimited usage) Learn more about how does domain count.

5) Release your Product

Follow-up releasing a new product guide.

And that’s all!